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Hey there I just saw a great bunch of scary short films for Halloween. Thought I would share. They're free to watch (but I couldn't uncode the 15 second ad that runs first) Enjoy and pass em around!

 Home Video

 The Cycle (super creepy)

 The Virus

 Blood Syrup

 Oh My God



 The Thing in the Roof

 The Butcher

 Double Jeu

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this political film by a collective of Latina feminists in NY just got posted on a site my friend works at.

I am trying to spread the word and drum up support for this piece. plus it's funny and takes some good shots at american racism / classism.

Check it out at OPERATION BLUE BLOOD Feel free to forward

oh and for another political piece that's just a bit more silly, they also just posted this piece FLORA BUSH about the "secret" Bush daughter


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NEW SHORTS CONTEST: November 21st Deadline

AtomFilms® and Intel Corporation today launched the Intel Indies Film Contest with a call for short film entries available at http://intel.atomfilms.com.

Filmmakers who enter before the November 21, 2005 deadline will compete for a grand prize that includes worldwide distribution from AtomFilms, $25,000 in cash and $20,000 in digital home equipment from Intel. Winners will be announced at a major film festival in January 2006.

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A new film to watch!

Sexy sexy sexy goodness, for our lawsuit happy time of course. The new film Consent cracked me up. As with most of my finds, I got it over at atomfilms.com which means, it's free to view but you hafta watch an ad. Sorry about that.

From what I heard though, this director, Jason Reitman, had a few shorts on Atomfilms and now has a deal for a feature. Good to know if you make short films...

For me, the weekend was filled with Gatorade and both the Day and Night varieties of the drug know as Quil. ie Nyquil. Wish me well friendly friends... At least there was plenty of blah blah to watch online.

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with all of the horrible going on in the south i have been so depressed and worried. as usual short films help me keep my head up. i saw this ok, this http://www.atomfilms.com/af/content/bitch_kitchen today and laughed out loud.

of course, my lip split due to stress again, so laughing out loud made me bleed. sigh. joy and pain people, all about the joy and pain.

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as a lover of road trips, a native of detroit and simple lover of cars, these #%&$@*^% gas prices lately make life hard. and then i saw this cartoon, and i felt better. i am new to this community and thought I would share, maybe it will make you feel better too...

 click on the pic for a link

and hey, if this isn't ok, please let me know in the comments and then i will limit myself to blah blah comments and no linking. thanks



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i am so tired of working all day. this weekend i am going to THREE screenings in the bay area of indie films
anyone have any other good recommendations for Sunday?
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Hey I am new here, but just saw a pretty sharp piece of animation wanted to share:


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